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Projektibüroo provides the following services:

Main design

The purpose of the main design is to see the whole picture and to ensure the compatibility of the different parts of the project. We pay great attention to the main design, because skilful preliminary work in the initial phase helps to save both money and time for the customer later.

For each project, we assemble a competent team to make the work as efficient as possible.


During the design process, the most exciting challenge for our team is to find smart solutions for each building. We start work from the customer’s vision and work out the most optimal whole accordingly. With proposals for constructions, technical systems, room layout, façade, and finishing materials, we always create a whole where innovative ideas are used.

Constructive design

Constructive design is engineering work that establishes the durability and stability of buildings. We develop solutions so that both construction and subsequent operating costs are minimal.

Interior architecture

In the case of interior architectural solutions, it is often overlooked that the internal whole must support the external. For each interior design task, we develop a unified style and fit. We consider it extremely important that the customer gets a final solution that make their dreams come true.

Landscape architecture

Professional landscape architecture creates the harmony between nature and buildings using the best modern knowledge. The goal of our landscape architecture is to ensure the most enjoyable living environment possible, which would fit into the surroundings, but at the same time, stand out with its uniqueness.

BIM coordination

BIM (Building Information Modelling) adds value to any project and makes the subsequent management and maintenance of buildings much easier.

Our specialists create a detailed implementation plan, with the help of which the design team performs work on the model. The coordinator performs both automatic and manual checks to identify possible errors and advises project team members on the development of a correct 3D model.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The basis for ensuring a high-quality and comfortable indoor climate is the design of HVAC system optimal solutions. Properly planned equipment ensures low construction and operating costs The modeling of the HVAC system helps us exclude possible conflicts with different structures and other technical systems.